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Welcome to the World Wide home of Terra Productions Mobile DJ Service. The site has been relocated to a new server and there may be a few things that have been inadvertantly altered. Although it appears all the bugs have been worked out from the move, please let me know if something isn't working properly or if you experience any problems on the site navigation. 

Please Note
The Forums Area on the WebSite has been shut down for now. Too much spam and inapropriate material was being posted.  I am looking for a better forum engine and hope to re-open soon.

Also feel free to use our  Audio-Video Chat area on the site to see the person you are chatting with (provided they have a web cam) as well. I pop in whenever I get a chance just to see who's in....you never know maybe I 'll get a chance to have a chat with you. 

Please take a moment to sign our GUESTBOOK so we know who dropped by.

Our Site is constantly being up-dated as new things happen. Keep checking back  here from time to time to look for great specials and promotions.

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Last update  July 09 2010